Interested in auditioning?
Get excited! We’re lots of fun and we promise we don’t bite. Auditions are held every September and January, and audition times are allotted according to our first-come, first-serve basis. This year’s audition dates are September 6th and 7th, 2016.

The audition process:
1) Warm-up: We’ll have you sing a few scales and vocal warmup exercises to start off and get an idea of your vocal range.
2) Solo: Sing a verse and a chorus of any song that you like! We generally ask that you choose a song other than an art song or a musical theatre song because those songs aren’t typically in our repertoire. (If you’re really unsure if your song is appropriate, feel free to shoot us an email about it!)

See?? We told ya, simple! 

Where are auditions held?
The audition will take place in our rehearsal room in Curtis Hall, just above Brown and Brew. It’s at 474 Boston Ave (at the intersection of College Ave. and Boston Ave). Try to come a few minutes early so you can fill out an audition sheet for us.
To set up an audition time or ask about the audition process, send us an email at or give one of our two amazing co-presidents a call: Gaby– (978) 944-6260, Beryl– (857) 919-5542