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As we all head off on our summer adventures, we also say goodbye to our wonderful seniors: Emma, Becca, Andrea, and Michaela! We will miss all four of them, but we know they’ll be the best SuperJills ever! Good luck JJ’14!!



We had an incredible time on tour in the Bay Area! Highlights include visiting the Golden Gate Bridge, vegan meals, hiking, thrift shopping, and singing together for a week! Now that tour is over, we’re working hard to prepare for our Spring Show on April 11th.



Babies!!!! Welcome Rosie Quinn and Beryl Seiler to JJ ’17!!



‘Closin’ With Koji’ is Going Viral!!

We’re so excited that our video celebrating Koji Uehara and the World Series winning 2013 Boston Red Sox is getting so much attention! It’s been featured on CBS Boston, played on multiple radio stations, and this morning we performed it live on Fox25 News, along with our classic ‘Shadows‘!! Check the video out below and share your thoughts!


Sneak Preview of Homecoming!

We’ve got a brand new video up of our cover of ‘Royals’ (OPB Lorde), so check it out! It’s one of the songs we debuted at O-show, but we’ll be performing it (as well as a bunch of BRAND NEW SONGS) at Homecoming this Friday night!

Soloist: Cat Abbot (JJ’15)
Arr.: Andrea Bresnahan (JJ’14)
VP: Evy Roy (JJ’16)


Babies!! Welcome JJ’17!

Please extend a huge welcome to our three newest members, Maya Ball-Burack, Gaby Luiselli, and Nadine Shen Molesky!

JJ'17 Baby Picture


Spring Show Videos!

We have videos from our 50th anniversary Spring Show! They’re up on our YouTube channel, as well as MadeInMedford. You can also link to them from our Repertoire page – check them out and tell us what you think!!


Moonlighting is Now Available!


Our latest album, Moonlighting, was released April 13th at our 50th Anniversary show! It’s also available on iTunes, and will soon be up on Spotify. E-mail us to order a copy, or get it online!


New Videos!

There are three new videos from our show last Friday night on the roof of Tisch up on our Facebook page! Check them out, we’ve got Amsterdam (Guster), Stay (Rihanna), and Demons (Imagine Dragons)!


Homecoming Videos!

We’ve got videos from our Homecoming set up on YouTube! Check them out!!


Fun. Put the Jills on ROLLING STONE!!

Nate Ruess and Andrew Dost – the men of fun. themselves – mentioned the Jills on! They’ve got their opinions about our cover of ‘Some Nights’ but we’d love to hear yours as well! Comment on the video, post a message to our facebook page, or even shoot us an email at!


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2 thoughts on “The Latest

  1. just saw you guys on Fox 25 that song rocks absolutely rocks but I don’t know the name of it and I sure would like to find out what the name of it was so I can order it and where would I find it I’d appreciate it I know it’s tough sometimes you can’t get back to people but I’d like to know what it was I’m trying to get in touch with Fox to find out thank you great music. Phil


    • Hi Phil! It’s actually a modified version of the song ‘Sea Cruise’ by Huey “Piano Smith” and Frankie Ford that Nancy Levy-Konesky and Robert Geist rewrote the lyrics to. But if you check our homepage or the ‘Videos’ tab there is a studio version (complete with music video)! Thanks for tuning in!


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