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Pricing Information
Each CD is $15.00, or $12.50 if you are ordering 10+ copies.
Total Price = Total Quantity x $15.00
Please add $3.00 shipping and handling for the first CD, and $1 for all subsequent copies. (For 1 disc add $3.00, for 2 add $4.00, for 3 $5.00, etc.)

Payment Information
All checks can be made out to “Tufts Jackson Jills”, and sent to
Tufts Jackson Jills
c/o Student Activities
Mayer Campus Center
Tufts University
Medford, MA

We will send a confirmation e-mail when your order form is received. We are currently also working on creating a printable version of the order form that can be mailed directly, with payment.

Our most recent CDs are also available on iTunes! A full CD list is available here.
If you have questions about ordering, pricing, or shipping, feel free to e-mail us directly.