Katherine Evering-Rowe (JJ’11)

Katherine Evering-Rowe

Katherine Evering- RoweNickname: I don’t have one… and I kind of like it that way!
Full name: Katherine Lucille Evering-Rowe
Position in the Jills: Alum Chick
Year and Major: 2011/ English, maybe Communications and Media Studies
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD, or Greensboro NC, or Wakefield, RI
Birthday: October 7
Jills Solos: “World on Fire”- Sarah McLachlan, “Baby Baby Baby”- Joss Stone, “Wintersong” – Ingrid Michelson and Sara Bareilles, “The Chain” – Ingrid Michaelson, “Lost in the World” – Kanye West
Audition Song: Shoot the Moon- Norah Jones
Favorite Jills song thus far: White Houses!
Hobbies: writing, reading, baking/cooking, exploring Boston on foot, unashamedly drinking more tea and coffee than anyone should.
Dream soloist to sing behind: John Mayer, though if I were “singing” behind him I would most likely just be staring at his god-like body with my mouth hanging open. (Yes, I went there.)
The Rez, Brown and Brew, or the Tower?: The Rez hands down- Half Mind, Body, and Soul, half French Vanilla.  Makes my day!